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Approximately ten email updates are sent yearly. Below is the November 2017 update.

Christmas Party – Save the Date!

This year’s Christmas party will be held Saturday, December 30, at Christies of Genessee. More information, including the registration form, will be sent in an email and in the regular U.S. mail. If you haven’t received the information, please contact us

New Book Based on 10th Mountain Division History Available! Order One For A Holiday Gift.

Tom Duhs, Colonel of Marines (Retired) and an associate member of the 10th Mountain Division Descendants, has announced that the following book will be published:

“A historical fiction novel, Sempre Avanti- Always Forward, about the Tenth Mountain Division will be released by Amazon on 16 Jan 2018. The book will be available as an ebook or in hard copy through Amazon. This novel tells the story of the Ski Troops using the stories of the real troopers. It is authentic, realistic and genuine. Great pains were taken to ensure names, dates, and places were depicted accurately and faithfully. Sempre Avanti was the first motto of the division which means “Always Forward.”  The hero is a composite character based on five real 10th Mountain soldiers. The heroine is similar to, but loosely based on a real woman whom many will recognize. The novel is unlike any of the previous historically recorded books or autobiographies. It tells the story and is based on true events.”

Hard copies of the book can be ordered 16 Jan 2018 from Amazon, but no pre-orders are available. Ebook pre-orders can be placed now, but the ebook will not be available until 16 Jan. Hard copies and ebooks can be ordered at Amazon.

Icelantic 10th Mountain Division Skis Available

The limited edition of 10th Mountain Division Nomad skis are back! Icelantic donates 15 percent of sales to the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation, which resulted in $7 thousand dollars of income for the Foundation last year. Below is the link to order:

The 10th Mountain Division in Other Books

Mention of the 10th Mountain Division pops up in the most unusual places! Descendants, Debby Clem and Abbie Keely, passed on that the 10th Mountain Division is mentioned in the new exercise book, Younger Next Year.  The book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Tenth Mountain Division Foundation News

Read here the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation’s third-quarter report.

Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame News – 10th Exhibit

Written by Dana Mathios, Curator & Director of Collections

Photos provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport.

The Colorado Snowsports Museum is participating in Denver International Airport’s latest exhibit, “Colorado Snow & Ice”. Approximately 250,000 people walk through this exhibit space on a monthly basis and will experience the art and science relating to Colorado’s cold stuff. Through vintage and contemporary items, this exhibit represents our rich snowsports heritage. CSM provided artifacts ranging from the 1920s to 2003. Some items include lift tickets, après ski boots, and ice-skates. To visually compare current ski industry items to the past, we provided artifacts from the 10th Mountain Division, including patches, snowshoes, a helmet, and goggles. This exhibit will be on display until January and is located at the Jeppesen Terminal: Ansbacher Hall, Level 6 North, before A Bridge Security. Other participants include: Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Center for Snow & Avalanche Studies, National Snow & Ice Data Center, James Niehues (ski map artist), Tracy Felix (painter), Mike Berenson (photographer), Astis (leather mittens and gloves), and Epic Origami. Additional information about the exhibit can be found here:


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