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Approximately ten email updates are sent yearly. Below is the January 2018 update.

2018 Ski In – It’s Just Around the Corner!

The Ski-In Committee has been busy at work on the 2018 Ski In! For 2018 Ski In information and schedule, click here.

Christmas Party Goers at Christies of Genessee

Christmas Party Recap

Approximately 85 people attended this year’s 10th Mountain Division Christmas party at Christies of Genessee. Five WWII veterans attended – Marlin Wineberg, Clark Wingate, Dick Over, Hugh Evans, and Neil Yorker. The food was delicious and the company was grand – as usual. A silent auction produced $200 that will be donated to the Association of the 10th Mountain Division  Scholarship Fund.

Annual 10th Picnic – Save the Date!

The 2018 10th Mountain Division picnic will be held on July 21 at Anderson Park in Wheat Ridge. Mark your calendars! More information will be coming.

2018 National Association of the 10th Mountain Division Reunion – Save The Dates!

The National Association of the 10th Mountain Division (veterans association) will be holding a reunion August 31 – Sept 2 in Breckenridge, Colorado. The reunion will be hosted by the Golden Dragons and the Rocky Mountain chapter. This reunion will also feature a “virtual” component. A flier with more information is located here.

Living History Invites You to Participate in Its Upcoming Events

The Living History Display Group would like to invite members of the Descendants to attend or work its scheduled 2018 events. An email will be coming out shortly with the schedule and contact information.

Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame

10th Whisk Broom At Colorado Snowsports Museum

Written by Dana Mathios, Curator & Director of Collections, Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame

The Colorado Snowsports Museum has been eagerly anticipating our February opening and has been working hard, finalizing last minute touches. In our newly renovated 10th Mountain Division exhibit, we will showcase some of our visitors’ favorite items, as well as many new items the public has yet to see. One new item on display is a brush or whisk broom, referred to as “Brush, Mountain”. This item may be physically small, but was very important to Mountain Troopers camped on snow. This stiff bristled brush was used to remove snow and frost from clothing and equipment and to keep the tent floor clean. In a bind, these brushes were used as fire starters, as they were good kindling. Since a lot of these were burned, the Brush, Mountain is a rather rare artifact. Not only is this item rare, but it is also a good period technology piece, as most of the fabrics/materials used by the 10th did not shed snow or water well. Join us this February in seeing your favorite artifacts and exploring the new ones!

WWII Book, Soldiers on Skis, Has New Publisher

Flint Whitlock, 10th Mountain Division descendant, historian, and author, who wrote the WWII 10th Mountain Division book, Soldiers on Skis, is announcing a new publisher for the book. With Boulder, Colorado-based Paladin press declaring bankruptcy, Soldiers on Skis will now be published by Cable Publishing of Brule, located in Wisconsin. If you have not read this book, it is a must read for WWII 10th Mountain Division information. Cost is $46 with free shipping. Cable Publishing’s phone number is 715-372-8499 and the company email address is

New Book Based on 10th Mountain Division History Available! 

Tom Duhs, Colonel of Marines (Retired) and an associate member of the 10th Mountain Division Descendants, has announced that the following book will be published:

“A historical fiction novel, Sempre Avanti- Always Forward, about the Tenth Mountain Division will be released by Amazon on 16 Jan 2018. The book will be available as an ebook or in hard copy through Amazon. This novel tells the story of the Ski Troops using the stories of the real troopers. It is authentic, realistic and genuine. Great pains were taken to ensure names, dates, and places were depicted accurately and faithfully. Sempre Avanti was the first motto of the division which means “Always Forward.”  The hero is a composite character based on five real 10th Mountain soldiers. The heroine is similar to, but loosely based on a real woman whom many will recognize. The novel is unlike any of the previous historically recorded books or autobiographies. It tells the story and is based on true events.”

Hard copies of the book can be ordered 16 Jan 2018 from Amazon, but no pre-orders are available. Ebook pre-orders can be placed now, but the ebook will not be available until 16 Jan. Hard copies and ebooks can be ordered at Amazon.


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